Serene Education

The Specialised Training Academy

About Us

The Difference Between Dreaming Dreams and Living Dreams Are The Defining Actions You Take!


In a time of global uncertainty when others are in a panic, because of lack of job security, many losing their income, their homes and their retirements, we are training our people for victory in trading the market so you can be in complete control of your own actions and income. And one of the best perks—you can do it anywhere in the world, trading a couple of hours a day, without the stress of traveling to and from work. You can spend more time with family and still have financial independence. That is what we have and what we want you to have..


So who are we?


  • We are a small and specialised company teaching serious students how to trade the stocks and forex market. We partner with you to ensure you get the best, top-quality education in the financial markets allowing you to trade with high profit and low risk.
  • We are a committed team of traders and investors who believe in contribution and growth and helping to foster real success in our clients…in essence we help create more enlightened people of considerable wealth.


  • We offer a unique, extravagant and completely unheard of training opportunities that is not offered by anyone else in the UK, or possibly the world.

We provide an exceptional opportunity to be escorted through the doors of your goals, dreams and objectives. And we do it with knowledge, sincerity and passion.


Serene Education in NOT a get rich quick scheme, nor some fly by night organization that over promises and under delivers! We have built our reputation on going far beyond what our clients and partners expect. We not only offer top of the line material, tools and hands on education with expert traders, but we also make sure that you are receiving up to the minute information, trends, and communications that keep you abreast of what is actively changing and taking place in the arena world of traders.




  1. I like your philosophy and wish you well with your endeavour. My journey is similar and like you I trade the markets daily.

    Comment by Mark Meir | 25/06/2009 | Reply

    • Hi Mark, Many thanks for your comments. We wish you the best in your trading success. Tell us more about your journey..

      Comment by 4xchick | 25/06/2009 | Reply

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