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Testimonials from Serene Education Students….

“This is a complete hands-on course where you learn the Forex Market and are left with no doubt how to apply yourself and the strategies to become successful.  We have been given strategies that we see working and now have the confidence to trade the Forex market.  If you are serious about trading, you have to attend this course and see and learn from successful traders.  I loved this course.  I have been personally taught by traders.  This is the best money I have spent in years!!”                                                                                                                                                                      Paul Vella

“Easy to understand and very supportive teaching.  I learnt fantastic new strategies that give me confidence to go out and trade. The course is worth every penny and the ongoing support offered is unbelievable.  There is no up selling so you know that it is a genuine course that will teach you the best.  A fun learning experience with the best traders by far!”                                                                                                                                                                                                     Farrah Khan

“Serene Education provided me with indepth training and their perserverence to get the message across was refreshing.  The strategies taught and the ability to put them into practice in class allowed me to leave the training with a clear head.  Well worth the money.”                                                                                        Russell Cooke

“One of the greatest benifits of this course was being taught by real traders who realy want us as students to be successful.  I recommend Serene Education to anyone.  It does not matter who you had your previous education with as you will learn how to use it on another level.”                                                                                                          Dawne Vella

“I always thought Forex trading was complex and only for the ‘expert whizz kids’. However, Farrah and I found the Serene Forex Trading course absolutely fantastic! The whole experience  was amazing – the strategies were so easy to learn and apply, the way it was taught was down to earth and in simple terms and of course  being taught in the comfort of their own home was just brilliant! They were such lovely hosts. We learnt a really neat  strategy which we called ‘Smash & Grab’ which can easily make you 20, 30 or 40 points here and there – and every point counts! Applying the currency correlation approach that Serene Education teaches, Farrah made 209 points in one morning!! Anyone who wants to learn how to trade successfully without all the up-sell pressure with most other companies, I would say book yourself on a Serene Trading course and start the process of changing your life.  I for one can finally put together an action plan for a way of changing my career from IT to becoming a full time trader”                                                                                                                                                                        Shamsa Khan

“I had to write to Serene Education to thank them!  I attended one of their courses 2 weeks ago and using just one of the strategies taught, I have already made my course fee back as well as paid for my charting software!!  I can not say anything more than… Thank you – an outstanding course and well worth every cent.”     Andrew Ballard

“I have attended numerous courses and read many books but the information received in 2 days was more than all these years of training.  Excellent value.”   Bruce Marx

“The information taught is easy to understand and kept very simple by the instructors, yet shown how to use effectively.  I placed 3 trades during the last day of the course and made profits on all of them!!”     Carolyn Burdon

“I have been staying away from the FX market for years now because of my belief that it was too complex for a simple person like myself.  Serene Education has the ability to take what may seem like a complex topic and make it easy to understand and implement.”     Taryn Pienaar

Stop making excuses as to why you should not be doing this!!  You may be like me – burned in the past by rip of artists who never deliver what they promise – Serene Education is a professional, knowledgeable and completely supportive organisation that I intent to follow for the entire training career.”      Dawn Heerman

“A step by step hands-on approach to teaching that had given me the confidence to do this professionally.  Thank you SE.”      Michael Ballard

“The strategies that are taught are worth double the cost of the course”      Debbie Cummings

I enjoyed the layout of the 2 days and the way that this complex topic was taught in a refreshing atmosphere rather than a typical classroom style.  I never got board and never felt drained with information overload”     Sharron Hockley

” I am hooked!!  Thanks to Serene Education and the three strategies that were taught, I am already making a second income”     Peter Lacon-Allen


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